Security Certifications for 2016 – e-Learning Center

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SSCPWith the increasing growth of the Internet and networks in general being used for business, security is an important issue. A key aspect of business security is controlling which users have access to what resources, and which operations they can perform. The mechanism for controlling these aspects is Access Control. With our security certifications, you can upgrade your IT skills and greatly improve your career potential for both your current and future employers.

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SSCP – 3 Month Access – $149
SSCP – 6 Month Access – $249
SSCP – 12 Month Access – $399

This courses examines how to determine appropriate access controls, architecture models, authentication techniques and access methods. It explains access control systems, their differences and implementations and how they protect services and data. This course also demonstrates attack methods used to bypass access control systems and describes account management procedures and key access control concepts.

Includes SSCP, CISA, CISM, CISSP, and CEH Courses. Learn more about our security certifications in our e-Learning Center today.

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