Hot Deal! 75% OFF Microsoft Windows 10 Power User Course

Microsoft: Windows 10 Power User course is designed to help you learn the basics of navigating the new Windows 10 operating system so that you can be effective and efficient while at work or play. Topics covered include: using file explorer, operating the new Microsoft Edge, using applications, managing and maintaining accounts.

Microsoft Windows 10 Power User (How to use Windows 10).jpg

Learning Objectives

Getting Started With Windows 10;Using Windows Applications; Connecting Devices And Devices; Backing Up Important Data.

DEAL Microsoft-Windows-10-Power-User-How-to-use-Windows-10 - DEAL.jpg

Knowledge and Skills to give You the Edge You Need

At e-Learning Center, we provide organizations around the world with the knowledge and skills they need to stay on the cutting edge of technology and leadership. Whether you are a small business, a long time IT professional, stay-at-home mom, or looking to change your career path, e-LearningCenter has a solution for you.



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